Frequently Asked Questions

What services does Dynamic Programming Solutions offer?

We build progressive, scalable, value-driven custom software to solve your difficult challenges, make your work easier and enhance your customers' experience. Among the services we offer are:

  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development
  • Webapp or website development
  • Front-end development (pixel-perfect frontend based on design)
  • Backend development
  • Mobile app development using web technologies (ideal if you want similar UI available for web and mobile)
  • Website performance optimization
  • Integration with external services and SaaS apps
  • Cloud application development

Can you provide some examples of the typical solutions you provide?

Among the types of projects we can do:

  • Improve the user experience for your customers
  • Create an application for managing your orders
  • Log the time you take on projects
  • Set up email samples that you can send in one click
  • Allow customers to check the status of their orders
  • Send invoices that the customer can pay right from your website
  • Set up a system that sends email or SMS payment reminders automatically

The possibilities are truly endless. We find ways to help streamline your critical workflows as well as enhance the customer experience.

Why should I choose Dynamic Programming Solutions?

Instead of working with pre-built or off-the-shelf systems, we specialize in creating tailored systems that precisely match the customer’s need. Pre-built systems force the customer to settle for something that is partially right for their application but likely has shortcomings.

When you start with a custom solution from the beginning, you get exactly the functionality you want and any further development as your business grows is much smoother and simpler.

Who are your typical customers?

We work primarily with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. These are companies that can benefit the most from our services because they don’t typically have in-house IT departments or developers.

We help them get off on the right foot, building a strong foundation for their future. We streamline their critical workflows with technology solutions that maximize their productivity and accelerate their growth.

What platforms do you use?

For new projects (where we can make choices) we do both the backend and frontend in javascript, React for frontend, Node for backend (Express or Nest.js) with MySQL or Mongo as DB. We use Amazon Web Services for cloud features, and Google Cloud for some AI solutions. If a customer has specific requests, such as software in PHP, we can accommodate them. Depending on your project needs or existing systems, we can also do work in Java (Spring Boot), PHP (Laravel) and Python, and other frontend frameworks like Angular and Vue.

How does the development process work?

Typically, we speak with you to understand your business, specifications and expectations. We define the project, craft a solution and provide an estimation and timeline. We'll also determine which features are more important and which can be added later or even can be left out.

If possible, we make sure that you get a simple, but completed application in 30 days and in your initial budget. For projects with a long list of required features, we can set up 2-4 weeks iterations with a workload determined by your monthly budget.

At each iteration we give you a working version of the software, adding features at every stage. You have an opportunity to test the software and provide feedback. We’re able to make any adjustments you want to ensure the finished product performs exactly as you wish. You can even ask changes during the iteration, and we'll accomodate the changes while ensuring that all features are completed at the end of the iteration.

Do you offer any support after a project is complete?

Yes, everything we do is turnkey. Any software or app we create comes with full installation and one year of ongoing support for bugs. Upon request, we can provide monthly pricing for continuous management and maintenance.

How do you price your services?

We determine what’s involved in the project and how long it will take to complete and then provide an estimation, which consist of an initial budget for the first iteration that you get within 30 days, and a monthly budget that is set up based on your budget and project needs. If you have a long list of features, we can make a rough estimation about how many iterations it will take, however anything over 30 days (sometimes even sooner) is deemed to change.

We offer no-obligation quotes, so you can find out the price for your project without having to commit to using our services.

What’s the next step?

Let’s have a conversation. Contact us so we can chat about your project. We’ll answer all your questions and offer a strategy for moving forward.

Or drop us a note